Top Ten Tips to Public Relations Success

  1. Establish goals and objectives for your company prior to developing your marketing plan. This will help maintain focus on your key needs.

  2. Focus your message. A consistent message should be used to communicate to both internal and external audiences.

  3. Integrate your marketing messages. Keep consistent messages and positioning throughout your company’s advertising, public relations, trade media and direct marketing programs.

  4. Repeat your message. Repetition of a consistent message is the most effective way to reach current and potential customers.

  5. Understand the power of publicity. Consumers believe the news media more than paid advertising. Public relations helps establish third-party credibility where others “toot” your horn.

  6. Maintain healthy relationships with your customers. Solicit feedback from customers to measure their satisfaction levels and to determine if their needs are changing.

  7. Be responsive to your customers. Customers want to know that once the deal is finalized you will be available and responsive to their needs.

  8. Give your marketing and sales programs a regular checkup. Use research, either focus groups or simple surveys, to help determine the effectiveness and impact of your efforts.

  9. Be prepared. Knowing how to effectively communicate, combined with proper preparation, allows you to maximize opportunities.

  10. Know your facts, know your audience and support your company’s message. When asked questions, by the media be prepared to appropriately use examples, facts, statistics, quotes, analogies, anecdotes, personal experience and graphics to help illustrate and emphasize your point.